six favorites for six months.

Zach has been doing a great job at plotting the locations we’ve been on a map. Considering we started our journey a mere six months ago and have purposely stayed in one spot a week or two (or a month or two), I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased at how far we’ve already traveled.

So, to celebrate those six months I decided to highlight six of my favorite things we’ve come across so far. Partly because I’d recommend these to anyone in the area, but mostly because I want to keep a record of these things so when I return I can do it all again. Plus, I recently wrote a postcard to my niece, Pepper, who loves lists and inspired me to write some lists of my own.

In order of appearance:

1. Hacienda RV Resort, Las Cruces, NM
This was our first experience with an RV park and we’ve been in a lot of RV parks since. It’s not fancy, but it’s a good price, has nice views, large spots, and privacy fences between rigs. They pick up your trash at the curb every day, have dog runs and nice/clean showers. The more RV parks we visit the more appreciation I have for Hacienda. I expect we’ll be spending a lot of time at this RV park due to its proximity to Zach’s family. I’m OK with this.

Honorable mention: Zach’s favorite was the KOA in Saco, ME. Close proximity to Portland, forest-like feel in the middle of a city and the staff was outstandingly friendly. Nothing beats moochdocking with family though, followed closely by state parks.

2. Vermont
Out of all of the states we’ve visited Vermont is one of the few that I hadn’t been to before. Those mountains, trees, towns; dreamy. Vermont has officially made its way to my list of favorite states ever, but this decision might’ve also been influenced by…

3. Maple Creemees, Creemee Stand, Wilmington, VT
Pro tip: there is no substitute for the real thing. Zach and I ate a lot of maple creamies/creamees/creemies during our stay in Vermont, but the very best we had was the frozen custard variety from the Creemee Stand.

Honorable mention in the category of creamy desserts: my sister-in-law’s homemade ice cream. She experimented the entire time we were in Rhode Island and had it down to a science about the time we rolled outta there.

4. Goodies Family Restaurant, North Stonington, CT
I consider myself a pancake connoisseur so when I tell you that I had the best pancake ever at Goodies, you better believe it. These pancakes were so good we scoped the area for rig parking so that we could eat there again on our way out of town.

Honorable mention in the category of great pancakes: Buttered Biscuit, Maggie Valley, NC

5. Durham, NC
If someone told me right now I had to pick one place to live forever out of the places we’ve visited so far (yes, realizing this is a silly scenario) it’d be Durham. I loved Durham the first time I visited in 2010. I loved it even more this time.

Honorable mention: Providence, RI which has always been my favorite littlest big city on the east coast.

6. Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham, NC
I’m married to an avid coffee drinker and tea lattes are my drink of choice when I’m trying to keep up with him. Way too many coffee shops make tea lattes out of powder (ew) or syrups (meh) but the tea lattes at Cocoa Cinnamon were made fresh. On our first visit I ordered a killer rooibos tea latte but I knew I was hooked after I ordered that harvest tea latte on our second visit. My only regret is I’ll never have anything like it again. And, confession, it was then that I started shopping for houses in the neighborhood.

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