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Zach and I live on the go! Our entire life is portable so it’s only fitting that our workstations are compact and portable too.

As a full-time employee, one of my requirements for full-time RVing was an office space that I could easily set up and tear down. I want a comfortable work environment, but I also want to be sure that the RV doesn’t feel like all work all the time.

Zach and I (mostly Zach, I definitely benefit from his research) found a few amazing office supplies that perfectly fit this lifestyle; these supplies make for easy storage when the office is put away:

  • portable monitor: this thing is slim, has a great picture, and is USB powered which means no extra plugs necessary!
  • adjustable tablet stand: I’m not a fan of using the monitor case as a stand for the monitor, and this foldable stand is the perfect alternative.
  • the roost stand: perfectly lifts my computer up to eye level and is super steady compared to how tiny it folds up.
  • mini keyboard: I’ve had this since before the RV life; it’s as if it was meant to be.

My laptop plus all of the above mentioned items fit nicely into my Patagonia backpack and snugly into a cabinet. Which means I get to enjoy those sweet work-free moments with the office converted into a lovely, cozy lounge.

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  1. Yes, I was surprised at how efficient your office is with two working at the same table, and how quickly you break it down, pack it up, and start lounging. Glad you found everything you need to make RV’ing happen, a happy way of life!

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